Evil Never Dies

Ex-gangster Harry Payne leaves prison after serving ten years for the murder of his best friend and gang boss Eugene McCann. Retiring to a small village in Norfolk to care for his innocent but vulnerable wife Susan, Harry believes he has finally left his violent past behind. Instead, he becomes the prime suspect in a series of gruesome occult murders. Though villagers fear the return of the ghostly "White Lady of Rayleton," the embittered but brilliant Detective Inspector David Bracken and his young assistant eye Harry as the likely suspect. However, unknown to anyone, Harry has psychic abilities he has always suppressed with alcohol. Now he must confront the supernatural and his own personal demons to save his wife and free the tormented souls of the ghosts that haunt him.
Log Line

The soul of a hitman’s nemesis awaits his release from prison to exact its revenge.



74 Mins


Horror & Mystery


Martyn Pick 



Tony Scannell, Neil Maskell, P.H. Moriarty, Anouska Mond