AKA Private


A.K.A. Private is a documentary that unveils life in Hollywood, California. Celebrity narcissism, sacrifice, and what it means to have a dream are explored through an in-depth look at the people trying to make in big in Hollywood as well as the seldom-explored “working class” of character actors, and those with long-running careers who have managed to support themselves with the craft.

The film centers on Gary Private, a former Atlantic Records artist and ex-teen pop star. Gary Private presently lives in a studio apartment in Hollywood, alone with his pet cat, trying to break into the film industry. We see the financial struggles he makes, having to sell his belongings to buy more time in Hollywood. He tells us he will do whatever it takes to be on top again.

Tammi Land, a model and actress, will give up her dream after an eleven-year pursuit in Los Angeles. We watch as she packs up her bags and moves to Atlanta, Georgia. With tears streaming down her face she tells us “Hollywood disappointed me.”

Prince Pheenix Wade lives out of his car. Wade works security at various nightclubs and tells us how he will never give up. Demonstrating what commitment to a dream truly means and what it is to go all in.

Dr. Nathanael Fast, Ph.D. reports on how fame is an addiction. Matt Sorum (Gun’s N’ Roses) tells us how Hollywood has kept him from having a family. The late Francesco Quinn (son of Anthony Quinn), talks about how after winning an academy award for Platoon, he figured the business would be ‘a cinch’, and then later struggled to book guest spots on daytime television. Mark Teschner (Academy Award winning casting director of General Hospital) tells us over a thousand actors submit to his office every day and how success “Doesn't happen fast, doesn't happen easy, and for some, doesn't happen at all.”

A.K.A. Private is the real story of Los Angeles.

Log Line

Inside the real life of Hollywood—from Academy Award nominated actors to former boy-band singers and porn stars; this documentary unveils the psychology that drives people to seek fame.



97 Mins




Brett Rosenberg, Evan Shields 



Gary Private, Francesco Quinn, Frank Stallone, Tony Denison, Ron Jeremy, Matt Sorum, Tony Longo